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Mumbai through the Lens

5 SENSES TOUR 5 senses walk, as the name suggests takes the guests on a journey where they engage in 5 different experiences that gives an immersive perspective on this city. Mumbai city tours have long been just about monuments. And while history is umbilical to tell the story of the city, it’s not the only way to define it. Mumbai is as much about the historic sights, as it is about people and their distinct culture that it imbibes. This tour pays homage to Mumbai in its entirety by creating fun and engaging day long activities that don’t dwell on just history lesson but go beyond. We are sure it will tingle all your senses. One experience at a time. Sight – We take you on a historic walk through the colonial precinct of Mumbai covering major landmarks such as Gateway, VT, Taj, Yacht club etc. While hearing stories about Mumbai’s history, you will stumble upon the dabbawalas scampering though to maintain those six sigma ratings. We aptly name this Sharadas Mumbai, as she painstakingly unearthed stories of these wonderful buildings and documented in her book Fort Walks Sound – Next up, we wind up our guests to make them hear Bollywood music. But hey, who won’t move a feet or two when it’s Bollywood Music, right! Especially when we set you up in a contemporary dance studio space, with your own personal Bollywood dance choreographer. Completely in-sync with the Ethos of Mumbai – This dance class is going to make you have some fun while losing some calories, before you pack them back on the next stop Taste – No Destination is complete without a taste of its food. It’d be a pity if you came into a coastal city like Mumbai and didn’t sample the coastal Konkan fare. Trust us, this 45 minute stop will reinstate your belief that you chose the right tour. Great costal thali peppered with Indian spices and coconut based curries. What’s not to love! Smell – Take a walk down the famous Mumbai Spice Market, as the aroma almost restarts your stomach engines, even for the ones who have over-eater already. Here, you can not only buy the spices, but can also get them dry roasted and ground into the masala mix of your choice before your own eyes. It’s not uncommon to see ladies patiently waiting, with bagful of spices and a recipe that has been handed down since generations. Touch- A perfect end to this colorful collage of experiences is to be able to touch people’s lives. What better way to do this, than to interact with less fortunate and engage in activities that help and uplift them. Volunteer in an activity or two, and be the reason behind spreading a few smiles.

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