Who We Are

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Creative World

Many years ago, as we grew as a company, we came to a realisation that our love lay not in booking hotels or tours, but in showcasing engaging and unique experiences across the countries we cover. We realised that our lands have many hidden corners, many one- of-a-kind moments, many mysteries and many tales.

We are a family owned business, but professionally managed. We have corporate systems that are guided by our core family values. We came to realise that we do not wish to be the biggest company in India. We never aimed to be the richest nor the most powerful. We just wish to be the best at what we do.

Our Vision is “To truly be the best at creating memorable and authentic travel experiences in the regions we cover”. Our systems and policies give our professionals the freedom to deliver excellence. Our Core Values are of Trust; Integrity; Curiosity; Accountability; Customer Focussed; Intentionally Unconventional and Togetherness.

We will always have an open mind to learn, to experiment and to embrace new ideas. We foster an environment where speaking one’s mind is allowed and innovation rewarded. We will always work collectively as a family, the happiness of which is paramount to our success.

We are family legacy of two generations that has showcased this part of the world for over 40 years. We have grown to become a prominent, respected and independent Destination Management Company offering the finest of cultural experiences, personal immersions and natural wonders all over India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Tibet; the Maldives
Our role is to create stories for our guests, stories of love, of excitement of wonder. We at Creative Travel are proud of our history, its legacy and excited about our future.