On being Creative

What makes Creative different? What makes us a preferred partner for some of the finest travel brands in the world?

We have deep first hand experiences of India, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Tibet and the Maldives. We have multi-faceted skills matched by few and prefer to work with travel companies and professionals. We do not pursue travellers directly.

We position ourselves as travel consultants and advisors. Our role is to match our knowledge with your needs and create the right products for you to sell. Our dedicated specialists design customcrafted journeys with your specifications in mind to guarantee experiences of a lifetime. We are flexible to the needs of our partners.

Our mission statement was written collectively by the team members of Creative Travel and we stand by every word with pride: “The foundation of our companies are based on being creative, innovative and dependable in all we do for our partners across the world. We are proud of our historical, cultural and social heritage and we work to showcase these in the most engaging and honest way we can. We aim to continuously exceed our guests’ expectations and ensure they return home as ambassadors of our region.”

Our greatest skill lies in our desire to present South Asia through experiences that showcase the heartbeat of a living and vibrant culture. Our trips feature unique experiences not offered by others — whether it’s for a wellness holiday, a spiritual sojourn, a culinary exploration or a wildlife adventure. This is fundamental to every program we design.

We are committed to ensuring that whatever we deliver is filled with our love and pride we feel for the countries we cover. We take pride in our diverse team of more than 150, the backbone of our system. From our operations team members to our drivers and guides, each and every one is motivated by a desire to do their best. Our job is to make your job as a travel professional as easy as possible. We excel at quick response times on proposals, detailing in content, accuracy in terms and competitiveness in pricing.

All our guides go through a rigorous vetting process. Every driver we use spe-cialises in handling international travellers. All our frontline representatives have extensive guest handling experience. After all, we realise the most important element on any tour are the people that face the guest on the ground.

We recognise that we need to be flexible in pricing, for every traveller has a different budget. We are committed to our partners to never drop a price only to get business, but to ensure we offer a balance between quality and value. Helping ensure that you retain your client for their next trip is our contribution to our relationship.

We believe that business is about building relationships. We are known for our integrity and loyalty. We promise to stand by you, our partner, and believe that supporting our partners must come at any cost.

This is some of what makes us different.


Akash Gupta

General Manager of Destination Design

Akash gets extremely interested in the financial impact of a business and the economics of doing it. Music and travelling is what he loves, which justifies his profession and love for singing. Think of him as Mr. Organized because he like being organized and adding perspective to everything. This best describes his role as General Manager operations- US and UK.

  • Benoy Kashyap

    Sr. Manager – Operations

    Benoy believes in simplicity, be it life at work or outside. For him, life’s a celebration and he wants to enjoy every moment. He loves cooking, partying and imparting knowledge, especially through Football coaching and storytelling. He perfectly blends in as Senior Manager – Inbound Operations, among highly motivated and responsible people at Creative Travel.

  • Dimple Singh Arora

    Chief Creative (Operating) Officer

    He loves interacting with people and socializing. He is extremely driven by passion, dedication and compassion, and strives to be as Creative as possible. Along with showcasing his skills and being the best at his role as a Chief Creative (Operating) Officer, he has a special talent of imitating bird sounds. His love for speed and adventure, makes him enjoy motorcycle racing the most, along with relishing fusion vegetarian food.

  • Girish George

    General Manager of Destination Design

    Girish, like a true Delhitie relishes the and loves to explore. Travelling to a place and knowing the story attached, is what he enjoys the most. From playing cricket and table tennis to video games, he loves sports and likes to challenge himself. This is one quality that justifies his role as General Manager – Operations

  • Gopal Iyer

    General Manager of Partnership Development

    Gopal believes in being self-sustained, self-established and self-reliant. He loves singing, acting and performing, and having fun in life. He always looks out for optimism, positivity and the brighter side of life. This outlook also helps in his role as General Manager – Partnership Development

  • Lalit Mohan Bhatt

    Senior General Manager of Destination Design

  • Mrinmay Ghosal

    General Manager of Special Stuff

    Mrinmay, The Bong Booster loves to read and gain knowledge about subjects that matter (Read: everything). When he is not reading or working, he is either chilling at the beach or at the mountains. Tasting exotic food and exploring lesser known destinations, drive him the most. His interests match the nature of his role as General Manager – Special Projects

  • Mukesh Kumar Sangwan

    Senior General Manager of Destination Design

  • Pankaj Gupta

    Deputy General Manager- Aviation

    Pankaj strives to be the best at what he does, this along with recognition keeps him going. Along with listening to good music, he also enjoys cricket commentary. Striking sixers both on the cricket field and at work is what he enjoys. He makes the best use of any opportunity that comes his way in his role as Deputy General Manager.

  • Pravin Kumar

    Vice President

    He is driven by work and extreme positive energy, which also keeps him busy. He is passionate about his work, and when not working, enjoys cooking the most. In a heartbeat, he would love to go back to Mumbai as he is enamored by the glamour of the city and people. He has been successfully driving the Procurement & Partnership team, and brings the best to the table with his excellent networking skills in his role as Vice President.

  • Rachna Kalra

    Senior Manager of Partnership Development

    Rachna treats every day as a new challenge and is a go-getter. She sets benchmarks for herself and loves to excel. Her love for travel brings her to the “second home” – Creative Travel, as Senior Manager- Partnership Development.

  • Rajeev Kohli

    Joint Managing Director

    Rajeev Kohli was born into the industry and has a passion for travel and showing India to the world. With over 23 years of industry experience, today he is Joint Managing Director of Creative Travel, a family legacy of two generations that has showcased this part of the world for over 40 years. Creative has grown to become a prominent, respected and independent DMC offering the finest of cultural experiences, personal immersions and natural wonders all over India and South Asia. At Creative, he focuses on marketing and strategy initiatives. He also has also contributed in making Creative the most globally awarded DMC in South Asia winning over 60 global and nationals awards & recognitions for our service and creativity. Rajeev is also passionate about incentive travel and has taken his team to win 6 SITE Crystal awards for excellence in incentive travel programs, the most of any company in all of Asia.

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  • Ritu Gupta

    General Manager of Destination Design

    Ritu is a travel enthusiast which reflects in her working style. She has a “heart of a nomad” and doesn’t miss any travel opportunity. With a desire to become better, She strives for improvement in both professional and personal lives. She is always on a learning spree and that’s how she excels in her role as General Manager Operations

  • Rohit Kohli

    Joint Managing Director

    Rohit likes to call himself the guy for miscellaneous stuff (Read: Everything Important). The love for Food, Photography and Beer takes him places, and is a lover of spice. He is driven by details and like that in his work, too. He drives the team to deliver the best and finest travel experiences.

  • Sanjay Bhatt

    General Manager of Incentives Ideation

    Sanjay is driven by his passion to excel and be a perfectionist. He is quite calculative – be it with his acting skills or sense of humour. He is a believer of hard work, dedication and destiny, and believes that they all play their role. This helps him excel in his role as General Manager – Incentives

  • Shailendra Singh

    Curator of Experiences

    Shailendra knows the art of turning ordinary into extraordinary and that’s what defines his role. He is driven by success and enjoys it the most. He enjoys clicking pictures and puts his skills to best use while shooting Tigers from the camera. With an eye for detail, he is best at what he does at Creative Travel – Curate Experiences.

  • Shailendra Solanki

    Manager of Destination Design

  • Shweta Mishra Singh

    Deputy General Manager of People's People

    Shweta is extremely resourceful and deals well with ‘Humans’. Her ‘sweet’ nature is derived from her love for baking and cooking. While, on the quest of discovering herself,She is discovering great talents in her role as Deputy General Manager – Human Resources at Creative Travel

  • Sylvester Andrews

    Vice President of Monetary Matters

    Sylvester loves playing the number game. He is driven by money and drives the flow of it across the company. Flexibility and adaptability are his special talents, no wonder he is a fitness freak as well. He cycles his way through a healthy lifestyle and balances the finances of Creative Travel, being VP Finance and Accounts

  • Varun Narain Mathur

    Head of the Jungle – JungleSutra

    Varun is the “Head of the Jungle” and it resonates with his love for wildlife and photography. He can also go to great lengths to develop this skill. He considers himself the man of many skills and interest, but his special talent is educating people about the topics of interest.