India is wherever you want it to be.
Even in your home. Right now.


Most of the world is confused. Sitting in lockdowns or under restrictions. Travel has stopped. Life has changed. Who could have ever imagined that we would find ourselves in the situation we are in today? This crisis has given us a lot of time for introspection on the past and also on the future. Maybe this was the reset button the world needed.

We Indians are a culture that doesn’t believe in looking back. As a nation fascinated by astrology, palmistry, numerology, palm leaf reading and what have you, we always look at the future for what it holds and for the opportunities it will bring. The option of letting basic fear take you over and abandon all hope is your choice to make. It is a choice. Look at new opportunities. Look at a future which will most certainly be different. But it is the future and that future for you has yet to be written.

As you can’t come to India, here are a few ways India can come to you. India has always been a journey of the senses TM. It is something different to everyone. No two experiences are the same. Here we bring you some ways to explore our ancient and vast culture right there in your living room. Enjoy your journey of discovery, enlightenment, joy and happiness. Enjoy some moments of peace and serenity. Movements of creativity and joy. India is wherever you want it to be.

Here are some curated resources that will bring an essence of India right at home. Choose whatever your heart fancies. If you want something more, just reach out to us. Our team will be happy to guide you to more.

Mindfullness & Meditation

Body & Soul

Lessons of Life

A Journey of Taste

Jiving Bollywood Style

Watch at Home

Your Artisitic Side

5000+ years of Stories

More to Read, Listen and Watch

Custom Online Webinars & Training

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    The Buddha said ~ “Endurance is one of the most difficult disciplines, but it is to the one who endures that the final victory comes.”

    India is wherever you want it to be.
    Even in your home. Right now.


    Disclaimer: Creative Travel has no commercial arrangements or agreements with any of the above service providers or resources. This is simply a recommendation of sites we have liked that we want to share and which we feel show the essence of the activity. There are of course many other options available for you to discover.