Times have changed, and so have the means of travel and discovery all over the world. But like the travellers of old, few can resist the allure of the east even today. For all of us in the travel industry, that is precisely where the real challenge lies. In being able to match the magnificence of the past with the comforts of the new century for every client like you. Every time. In my professional experience spanning over 35 years in India, Europe and North America, I have always maintained that the business of travel is about much more than business transactions.

It is a commitment to building relationships of trust, based on an understanding of the needs of agents and clients alike, and the ability to support it by delivering on promises. At Creative Travel, we believe only such partnerships can ensure that each of you has the most memorable journey through our lands. And that is our unfailing commitment to you in India, Nepal, Bhutan, Tibet and Sri Lanka. Because everyone knows that to offer international standards of destination management in the Indian subcontinent, you've got to be Creative.

Ram Kohli
Chairman and Managing Director


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